Our Services

Our providers are trained and licensed in behavioral health services for clients of all ages, and can offer counseling and treatment to help you get through the challenges in your life. Our providers may offer more than the listed services below and are happy to help you find the right provider for your specific needs.

Individual Counseling

Our providers will work with you to discuss your concerns and set meaningful treatment goals that are strength-based and solution-focused

Family Counseling

Our skilled providers can meet with your family to improve communication, resolve conflicts, or navigate major family changes

Relationship Counseling

Our providers can work with you and your partner to address concerns and help improve relationships

Substance Abuse Counseling

Our substance abuse clinicians will discuss concerns related to your substance abuse and recovery

Medication Management

Our APRN provides service based on appropriateness, effectiveness, safety, and adherence of medications in-house with the goal of improving your health outcomes

Specialized Services

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

EMDR therapy is specialized for treating clients with trauma, EMDR works to allow clients to reprocess negative events and reduce symptoms related to their trauma

Functional Behavioral Assessments

FBA’s are utilized to identify the function of problematic behaviors. Often, this is a service utilized by DHHS

Legal Concerns

Wellspring can provide clinicians who are registered service providers with the State of Nebraska if you have legal needs and concerns

Consultative Services

Our LIMHPs provide assistance to Service Coordinators seeking a clinician to complete consultative assessments for their clients


Wellspring can provide supervision to interns or provisionally-licensed clinicians who are seeking a license

Telehealth Services

Our providers are able to provide access to behavioral health care services remotely to limit need for client to commute for in-person sessions